Our team

Our veterinary surgeons

Dr. Jean C. Pfister

Dr. Pfister was born in Basel and grew up in the canton of Bern. He graduated from the University of Bern in 1990. He completed his dissertation in anaesthesiology and obtained a PhD in 1991. He worked as a veterinary surgeon in a mixed practice (large and small animals) in Frutigen (BE) from 1991 to 1993 and then at our small animal surgery in Ecublens from 1993 to 1996. He completed several AO-courses in osteosynthesis in Davos and Courchevel in 1994/95. He then took over the small animal practice from Dr. Pierre Hauser in Lausanne city centre in 1996. In 2014, Dr. Pfister took over Dr. Nidegger’s practice in Ecublens, together with Dr. Pasche. He obtained his ESAVS certificate in dermatology in 2005 and was elected president of the Swiss Small Animal Association in 2008. Besides his interest in domestic pets, Dr. Pfister shows a particular interest in big cats.
He enjoys spending time with his wife, his three children and his Border Terrier, Egna. Besides having a keen interest in art and travel, he thrives on outdoor activities and sport.

Dr. Rachel Pasche

Dr. Pasche grew up in the Vaud canton. She has always been passionate about animals which naturally led her to study veterinary medicine at Berne University, completing her studies in 2002. She then wrote a thesis (PhD) on the behaviour of African grey parrots. She returned to Switzerland in 2013 after having spent 8 years in a veterinary practice in the area of Manchester in the UK. Her areas of interest, apart from dogs and cats, are behavioural medicine and exotic pets, particularly feathered ones.
Dr. Pasche is happily married and is Mum to a boy and a girl. She enjoys rock climbing amongst other sports and likes looking after her cat and her parrots in her free time.

Dr. Valentine Jacot

Valentine Jacot comes from the Neuchâtel area. After graduating in 2011, she completed an internship at Zurich Tierspital. She then stayed on to work for another 2 years for the small animal surgery department in Zurich. During that time, and in collaboration with the Zurich musculo-skeletal research unit, she wrote a thesis (PhD) on a new type of hydrogel to support wound healing. Valentine joined our team in April 2016. Her areas of focus are intensive medicine and traumatology. She enjoys sports, travelling and loves spending time with her family.

Dr. Alexandra Durrer

Dr Durrer was born and grew up in the region of Vevey. In 2011, she graduated from the University of Berne. During her last study year, she completed an internship in the University of Sydney, specialising in anaesthesia. After having worked for a year in our Lausanne practice, Dr. Durrer completed her thesis in diabetology at Zurich University. She then returned to our Lausanne practice in November 2013. She likes rock climbing, practises yoga and enjoys travelling.

Our veterinary nurses

Jennifer Bersier

Jennifer has been part of the team since 2012. She graduated as a veterinary nurse in July 2016. In her spare time, Jennifer loves looking after her numerous pets: her dog “Jack”, her cats “Princesse” and “Câline” as well as her degu.

Olivia Martin

Olivia graduated as a veterinary nurse in July 2014 and joined our team in August 2016. Her special interest is everything involving dog behaviour and dog training. She is a keen cyclist and enjoys walks with her dog “Palma”.

Patrick Beutler

Patrick is currently in his first year of training as a vet nurse.
In addition to his passion for animals, especially his cat “Limonade”, Patrick engages in many activities including skiing, water skiing and shooting, among other sports. He has been part of our team since March 2015.

Our receptionists and admin team

Florence Montone

Florence Montone is our receptionist. She will ensure clients and their pets are always welcomed with a smile. Florence originally trained as an assistant pharmacist and then worked for 5 years as a veterinary nurse. She is a Mum of four teenage children and is passionate about pets, in particular horses and cats. She loves horse riding and enjoys the company of her pets, Lola her cat and her six Hermann’s tortoises.

Florence Pittet

Florence Pittet has been working in the practice as a secretary since 2006. She obtained her commercial diploma in business administration in 1983. She is very fond of animals and owns a cat. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing and hiking in the mountains.